At Massage Experts, it is our mission to promote health and wellness by providing the finest and highest quality of muscular  and massage therapy possible to each and every one of our valued clients.  And, to the best of our ability, help educate and incorporate into their lives the immediate and preventative benefits derived from muscular and massage therapy treatments on a regular basis.

We are the #1 Orthopedic, Medical and Therapeutic Massage Facility of the North Shore of Massachusetts servicing Georgetown, Danvers, Peabody, Beverly, Middleton, Salem, Boxford, Topsfield and surrounding North Shore Communities. Our expert staff looks forward to becoming a part of your health and wellness plan.

Our Therapists

All of our therapists have graduated from an accredited massage school and are Board Certified and licensed to work in the state of Ma. Our therapists continue to take educational workshops to further their understanding and knowledge of massage therapy. Our therapists specialize in Myoskeletal Alignment, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Myofascial and Orthopedic Massage to help alleviate chronic muscle tightness and pain, excess stress and tension, and repetitive stress injuries. We also help to improve sports performance. Our goal is to work with each one of our clients on an individual basis to help meet their needs at the time of their appointment. We work with our clients who have chronic muscle pain and tightness or repetitive stress injures on a weekly or every other week basis until they are feeling better.
Once the goal is achieved we help our clients find a wellness level of massage to keep them feeling great. Most of our wellness clients come in once a month. Some of our more physically active and stressed clients come every other week. We will help you find what is right for you. Each one of our therapists is passionate about massage therapy and its many health benefits. They look forward to helping you achieve your health and wellness goals. For more information about each of us please read on.

About Deborah Wood-Scearbo

Deb is the Proprietor/Owner of Massage Experts and has been practicing massage for over 25 years. She is Nationally Board Certified and is Certified in Orthopedic Massage. She is currently working toward her Master Myoskeletal Alignment Technique certification by Eric Dalton. She found her way into massage therapy through her love of figure skating. She
started skating at the age of 25 and found that by receiving massage therapy on a regular basis, that it helped to keep her injury free and gave her the competitive edge that most athletes are looking for. As a result she is a 5 time United States Adult Silver Lady National Champion, an Adult National Gold Lady Silver Medalist, an Adult National Silver Pair Gold Medalist and is still currently skating and competing in her 50s! She uses her massage
therapy skills off the ice to help give other athletes the competitive edge and to help reduce their chances of soft tissue injuries from the types of strenuous movements involved in their sport. She has had the pleasure and honor of working on elite and talented skaters such as Sasha Cohen, Emily Hughes and Kurt Browning. She has performed sports massage at prestigious events such as the 2014 US National Figure Skating Championships and at the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships held in Boston Ma. Deb also enjoys working with all types of people not just athletes. Many of her clients come to her for job related injuries and everyday wear and tear issues. In addition to being a muscular therapist Deb is a wife and a mom. She attends Community Bible Study once a week and has been a part of this organization for over 21 years. She is actively involved in her church, Great Rock in Danvers. Deb was also the Vice President of the North Shore Skating Club for 3 years and currently still serves on the board of directors. When not massaging Deb enjoys her family, the beach, cooking, reading, flower gardening and of course SKATING.

About Emily Duran-Poli

Emily began her path into the field of massage therapy as an actual client of Massage Experts. Working in restaurant kitchens and dining rooms for 13 years gave her plenty of muscular aches and pains that needed to be treated. She went to college for holistic health and wellness and discovered that it would be complimented with massage therapy. That led to her decision to attend massage school and combine massage therapy with holistic health, allowing her to combine her acquired skills and use them effectively. Her strong background in energy work as a Polarity and level 2 Reiki Practitioner has helped to solidify her belief in the mind body connection which she enjoys transcending to her clients. Her experience with fast paced stressful jobs has given her a greater understanding and special empathy for her clients that endure the conditions she has. In addition to massage Emily is also working on a degree in Biotechnology and is also interested in learning more about reflexology and acupressure. In her spare time she enjoys painting, poetry, going to concerts and cheesy B-movies.

About Jeffrey Dooling

Jeff is a Massachusetts state licensed and Nationally Board Certified  massage therapist who completed  his initial course of massage instruction at Spa Tech Institute of Ipswich. Jeff also holds certifications for Orthopedic Massage and Medical Massage and was certified by the International Sports Sciences Association, (ISSA), as a Certified Fitness Trainer from 2003-2012 . After completing a successful career with the Massachusetts State Police,  he decided  to  dedicate  his  life to  helping others in a different arena. Over the past 17 years Jeff has learned that massage is both an art and a science. In his sessions, he uses a multidisciplinary approach integrating diverse techniques such as muscle energy technique ,trigger point therapy, strain­ counter strain, multi-directional friction, myofascial stretching,  PNF, and  many others that  are specific to  each  individual client so that longer lasting outcomes can be achieved. In his spare time Jeff enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading historical fiction and non-fiction, and finding quiet bliss in the mountains. Previous to his massage therapy career Jeff was an Emergency Medical Technician, EMT Assistant Instructor, and Massachusetts State Trooper. leff was also the owner of J. Dooling Muscular Therapy in Ipswich.