Ear Candling

The healing method called ear candling has been around for centuries, dating back to the Aztec culture. Ear Candling is a natural ear healing technique that is now practiced throughout the world.The practitioner uses a hollowed wax candle that assists in removing excess earwax. Ear Candling may improve any of the following conditions,Chronic Sinus Congestion, Sore Throat, Ear Aches, Swimmers Ear, Chronic Head Aches, Allergies & Hearing Difficulties.

There is no discomfort to the person receiving the treatment, old earwax and noxious toxins are drawn into the hollowed candle, which has been gently placed in the ear. The low flame on top of the burning candle creates a slow vacuum, which softens and pulls the old earwax into the candle base.

The effects of Ear Candling are possible because all of the passages in the head are interconnected, allowing the candles to drain the entire system osmotically through the ear membrane.The ear canal itself forms and helps support the brain and is a pivot point for the skull.The gentle reverse osmotic pressure of Ear Candling is why people often feel better after treatment.

The Cochlea is responsible for sound pronunciation. It is a fluid filled structure, which is located in a cavity. The Cochlear area can become infected. The tiny hairs in the Cochlea can become laden with debris. The gentle vacuum of Ear Candling cleans the lymphs within this structure as well as the Cochlear Hairs, thus improving their function.

A typical candling client is one searching for a more natural way to alleviate sinus pressure in their head or upper respiratory area, improve hearing due to excess wax build up or relief from earaches and infections in children’s ears.

Recurring bouts of ear infections are an indication that the cause of the ear infection is not being treated. Treatments with ear candling can reduce or eliminate the need of repeated antibiotics. Ear candling can also help with tinnitus (constant sounds in ear) & Labyrinthitis( a spinning sensation.)