Procedure for visiting Massage Experts during COVID-19

Please fill out online or print the COVID-19 form from your printer and fill out prior to your appointment. 
Please text or call us when you arrive in the parking lot. 
We will let you know when to come in to the building where the entrance is.
You will need to wear a mask.
We will check your COVID form unless it was done on line and take a quick forehead temp.
We will then have you apply some hand sanitizer and take you directly to the treatment room. 
During your treatment while you are face up or side lying you will need to keep your mask on. 
When you are face down you may take your mask off. The pillow case covering the face cradle acts like a filter to catch any droplets. 
After your treatment you will need to leave the treatment room with your mask on. 
We thank you in advance for adhering to our strict COVID policies to keep everyone safe. 

Your therapist will also have a mask on at all times and each room is completely sanitized between all clients