Here are actual statements from a few of our clients. We enjoy working with each client and appreciate these kind words. Caring about and improving the quality of life is not only gratifying, but also our only goal. We always love to hear from you. If after reading any of these statements you wish to add a comment feel free to grab a pen or send an email. Thank you for your loyalty.

  • 71 year old – “My arthritis is in remission; my chronic sciatica and hip pain never returned; neck doesn’t get stiff and I get to look forward to my “medicine,” massage therapy”
  • Fibromyalgia client – “Regular massage is a necessity, not an option.  It’s the only relief  that lasts until my next massage.”
  • 53 year old nurses aid – “I’ve lived with headaches all day every day except when they turned into migraines.  Now, I come every week and build my week around my massage and I might get a headache for an hour or two once a month, not all day and night.
  • 40 year old hairdresser – ” I came because my neck was locked up.   Now that’s gone, my shoulders and mid-back are pain free and my feet don’t ache.”
  • A mother – You save my sanity and give ma a sanctuary away from my family.  I feel safe, like my own mother is soothing me.”
  • 58 year old dog groomer – ” I tried massage therapy as a last resort before carpal tunnel surgery, and it worked! 10 years later I still come one regular basis once every two weeks to prevent ever having to have surgery anywhere on my body.”
  • 39 year old weight lifter – ” Massage Therapy helps my muscles recover faster from my training and keeps me injury free.”
  • Long time client of 12yrs – “I get massage therapy on a regular basis not because I can necessarily afford it but because I can’t afford not to!  It’s become a regular part of my Health and Wellness program just like having a physical exam once per year I get massaged once per month.  It decreases my stress level and keeps my muscles from feeling tight and achy.”
  • Paul Dettori – ” I look forward to regular treatments to help me sleep as I suffer from backs, leg and torso issues as well as circulation problems.”
  • Joe DeNuzzo – ” Stress and muscle aches are a past memory so long as I continue massage treatments on a regular basis.  When I miss a session, my body lets me know how vital massage is to my Health and well being.”
  • Jen Watson – ” Back pain used to bother me every day.  Once I started doing massage on a regular basis I no longer had a daily back and neck pain.  Massage has helped to relieve these symptoms and keep these at bay.  If I start to feel increased pain I make an extra appointment.  Without pain my mood and energy level are much improved.”
  • Female Executive – I need to be in control and don’t like anyone touching my body, but my therapist is great and I feel so much better after my massage.  My neck pain is gone!
  • Liz Speranza – Since I have been coming for deep tissue massages on a regular basis (twice a month), I feel brighter, lighter, happier and healthier.  My arms and legs move smoother.  My body flows stronger and with a sense of purpose.  At one point before receiving regular massage, I couldn’t turn my neck with out pain.  I could not walk up stairs without pain.  Now, I am free of these pains.  I sleep sounder and I am a happy, less stressed person.”
  • 58 year old – I have been coming once a month for 4 months now.  When I had my first visit my back tightness was very uncomfortable.  Coming regularly my muscles are not as tight and my stress level has gone down.  I can’t wait for my appointments now!”
  • 55 year old business owner – ” I’ve been getting massages for years and cannot imagine anyone going through life not getting regular massage.  I have less stress, my muscles are looser, I feel younger, have more energy and fewer headaches.  If I didn’t get regular massage treatments; I’d be a mess.”